Ugh, Rain Day..

Sooo it's super windy today. And rainy. Which means instead of being done at 10 AM like I usually am, I'm going to be here until most of the guests are on the lake. Not cool.

On the bright side, this means I could have a full evening off.

On the downside, the power is out, so I wouldn't even be able to hang out and watch TV in my room, I have to hang out in the common areas.


Six more days of guests!!!
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The food was AMAZING

I realize I said I was going to write more often when I posted last.. three weeks ago. Suffice it to say I have good reason not to have posted since then, since my daytime activities have really increased and we've had a lot of great weather.

Awhile ago I posted about the Shorestaff challenges we were doing here during the afternoons sometimes. Well, my team won (!!!) and we got a day of guided fishing with shore lunch. They probably could not have picked a worse day for us to do it though, because we got poured on and caught maybe five fish between the two boats.

Shore lunch was delicious though - fried fresh pike in tempura batter, homemade potato chips, jalapeno poppers and homemade donuts. I ate pretty much my weight in deep fried foods. So delicious.

Two weeks till I get back!!!! :D:D

Sorry to be so bold, but I'm on vacation.

Oh man, so much shiz has happened since my last post, I'm not even sure I'll be able to remember all of it. Would've written earlier today but Courtney and I decided to play Mario Party on her Wii for two hours and I still feel like that was the best choice. We had some issues with fog today and the flight with the new group wasn't able to land until after 1:30 PM so today was a weird kind of day with odd hours. Also, something gross - an ant infestation in one of the cabins. They've chewed into the walls and made a gross nest that was about three inches high behind one of the beds. So happy the guest in that cabin never noticed cause I feel like it could have been an awkward conversation.

I guess I'll start a little further back and work my way forwards. I've been meaning to post one story for awhile but I like sleep more than internet so I've been doing a lot of that instead. A couple groups back two of the servers were playing shuffleboard with some guests until later in the evening. I guess on their way out, one of the guests held a server back cause he wanted to hang out in the lounge a little longer. I guess she stayed and talked for a bit when he suddenly grabbed her around the waist and said: " Sorry to be so bold, but I'm on vacation" and kissed her. Obviously she pushed the guy away, but the situation when these people hit on you is kinda sticky. You don't want to offend them or anything because they're technically a guest and you're supposed to be polite. He tried to convince her to come back to his cabin with him, but naturally she said no and escaped. Her sleep was pretty restless and terrible that night.

For anyone who's wondering, no, this kind of thing hasn't happened to me before. I don't tend to hang out with the guests ever, so I avoid awkward situations.

Honestly, I did set out writing this post with the intention of making it long and updateful, but I really just need to go to bed. I got maybe five hours of sleep last night and could really use a good one tonight. I'll try write more in the days coming up. Check out my Facebook if you wanna see pictures!

The Brag Board!!

Just a quick post today to show everyone a part of what I do up here. It's called the Brag Board and I post everyone's largest fish plus a caption for each one. If you like exclamation points and cheese, it's the place for you.


Also, I got sick a couple days ago and I'm fighting it off with Nyquil and sleep. Unfortunately, just when I start to feel terrible, the weather starts to be awesome. Bleh.

Sh!t has been going DOWN

Holla everyone!

I hope this post find you well! I heard that Southern Sask. has been having some pretty intense heat the last little while, so I hope you're all enjoying it. We haven't really had many hot days yet so I'm jealous.

So, a LOT of stuff has happened since I posted last. Some of it was terrible and really changed the tone of the place for good, but there's some lightheartedness mixed in with that.

Firstly, I had posted last about our Canada day celebrations. Suffice it to say that not many people made it to work on time the next day, and a few people had visits from management giving them their wakeup calls. Thank goodness I wasn't one of these people, but it was forgiven because of how widespread the occurrence was. Then, a couple days later it happened again and the shorestaff got an official warning across the board that if it happened again we'd be written up. Before anyone goes assuming I'm innocent in all this, I have been late a few times but only once was it because I'd had too much the night before.


So this was all fine and dandy, I made a personal call to lay off the partying for a bit, and so did a lot of other people because things really quieted down after that and they've only recently started getting back to normal.

Then, a couple days after our partying warning, we found out that someone had stolen money from one of the guides. LOTS of money. The trusting atmosphere in this place is such that none of us ever lock our doors and few people even hide the cash that makes up their tips. It's hard thinking that someone would do something like that in this place, but it happened and the money hasn't turned up yet. Everyone chipped in though and were able to recoup the loss. Regardless, it's different here now, because we have no idea who did it and if they plan on doing it again or not. Ugh, theft, not cool.

This post is pretty depressing to write so far, so we'll move on to the awesome thing that happened today - July Shorestaff Challenge. All the shorestaff was divided into groups today for Minute to Win it style challenges. I'm not sure what happens at the end on the challenge, but today we had to get a cookie from our foreheads to our mouths without using our hands and it was HILARIOUS. Finally, something I'm good at.

Well, I hope everyone has a good week at work. As you all know mine hasn't ended yet (Day 37 today - 45ish left to go).

In which we contemplate...

I've never really been one to truly celebrate Canada Day. As much as I absolutely love my country, Canada Day was really just an excuse to get together with friends and drink. This is my first time actually celebrating the holiday while around a good portion of people who were not actually from the country, and I found the feeling altogether different than what I'm used to. It's like I needed to really throw in their faces that it was CANADA DAY, not America Day. I dunno, it just felt more important than it has before. But lord am I paying for that need to celebrate.

Yay Canada!

Also, quick hilarious story for everyone. I'm up here with Michelle, and when she told me about it I said "Omg, I'm writing about that in my blog", so here it is:

A couple groups back one of the guests injured his neck while he was on the lake and ended up spending the rest of his trip in his cabin with a neck brace on. Michelle is a housekeeper and her and the other girls had to clean his cabin even though he was in there. For the most part they just kept pretty quiet and did their thing. I guess on one of the days the other two girls had left and Michelle was just finishing up when the guy came out of the room he was sleeping in and sat in the common room. This was already awkward enough, but then the guy asked her to get him his blanket from his room and the customer service standard here dictated that she had to. Since the dude had a neck brace on, she couldn't really just hand him the blanket so she had to tuck him in. Seriously.

I dunno if it's as funny to people who don't know Michelle, but I def. laughed.

Hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend and being safe. I'm officially one third of the way through the groups now and from here on in it just gets easier cause the groups are getting smaller!


Just quick post to talk about two things.

The first is that I finally got the address to this place, and I'll be posting it on my Facebook profile so everyone can write me letters!!

The second is tip/grab bag day, which was today. It was AWESOME. Basically, I got an envelope full of cash and free alcohol. The guests tend to leave a lot of stuff behind when they take their plane home, and all of the shore staff splits it up. I guess the guests even know about it, and they leave almost full bottles of hard liquor sometimes.

Also, shout-out to Denille, who I think of everytime I write a caption on the Brag Board. Some of those presets seem like stuff you'd make up.

The extent of my obesity..

So I have a problem, and my problem is this. I am in love with food. I am addicted to eating it and have a hard time passing up anything that tastes good. I can usually avoid eating if there isn't any food around me to tempt.

This is where my problem increases exponentially - I am constantly surrounded by food up here. Breakfast is usually pretty easy to not eat much cause I work so early in the morning. I just grab some water and a muffin and eat it while I open the tackle shop. When I finish work around 10, however, there is always bacon and sausage ready to be eaten and the option to order breakfast off the grill. And I do. Every day. Thankfully I'm usually pretty tired and pass out through lunch, but as soon as I start my evening shift the temptation increases. On top of a supper coupled with dessert every night, there are always appetizers upstairs and popcorn on all the tables. I eat ALL NIGHT. And then when I get off work I check out the staff fridge and EAT MORE. Seriously.

This is getting ridiculous.

On a side note, one of my bosses told me I'm "doing a great job". Success.

Here are some pictures of my workspace!

That's my desk, where I spend a good majority of my day. The other bit is spent in bed.

That's the bar and also the shuffleboard. I'm getting a little bit too good at that game. I can totally take on some seniors when I get back.

Here's a little sample of how smokey the fire made the area one morning. Since then it's never been this bad, but I figured everyone should see.

And here's what it looked like in the afternoon, for a comparison:

But that's really all for tonight. I hope the rain in the southern part of the province has laid off a bit, cause another year of rain is more than Saskatchewan can take I think.

Also, feel free to comment. I won't get jealous that you're taking up space on my blog.

I haven't forgotten my real life.. yet.

I realize it's been ages since I last posted anything, but in all honesty there isn't a lot incredibly exciting to report. My routine pretty much involves waking up, going to work, napping, going to work, sleeping, repeat. Since it's starting to get nice out I've moved my naps outdoors. The swimming hole close to the staff accommodations is warming up nicely and I'll probably be doing some swimming pretty quick. But for the most part I'm usually pretty tired and napping is my favorite pastime.

One thing that is getting on my nerves, though, is how often I'm observed while doing my work. I've always considered myself to be rather good at handling constructive criticism and actually encourage that people provide it cause it's generally the only thing that'll make me aware of what I need to improve. However, too much criticism on a constant basis, never paired with praise or compliments tends to make me discouraged and feel very much like no matter what I do I won't be recognized for a job well done but will be constantly criticized for failure.

Basically, people are always around me when I'm working, and I tend to do my best work when I do it without supervision. Tonight I finished more than I needed to and did it all while nobody was watching. Last night, with a grand total of three of my bosses right by my desk, I fell behind and got very little accomplished. Needless to say I left work pretty pissy and had trouble sleeping. When I woke up in the morning I put it behind me only to have my first greeting of the day be something that I needed to fix.

Gah! If only bosses weren't so THERE all the time.

Really though, it's not that bad. I just needed the rant.
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Photo Tech? Wtf?!

Hello to all my devoted fans and followers! I hope this post finds you all well.

I realize while getting ready to go to bed tonight that I didn't really ever tell anyone exactly what my job entailed because I wasn't ever really sure myself. I only really started my real job yesterday because up until then we were just prepping the lodge.

So here's the basics of it: I'm a Photo Technician, which means that I not only upload photos off of 20 plus cameras a night, I also organize databases of guest photos, make daily menus, create a gazillion forms and keep the tackle shop running and stocked in the AM. This doesn't actually make up a lot of stuff all together and a lot of it is really easy to do... the one issue that I'm having is the fact that I'm working with a Windows operating system. Meaning that doing things that would normally take 5 minutes on my computer manage to take me somewhere closer to fifteen. I understand that as I get better at this I won't be working from 6-12 & 4-10, but until that happens, 12 hour days suck.

Over the next couple days I'll try and remember to take some pictures of the area so people kinda get an idea of where I am and the place I'm talking about. I'll also get that mailing address cause I want letters and awesome things (especially on JULY 26TH - write that date down in your agendas people). The Bartender's boyfriend hid a package of things for her to open and look at periodically while she's here (as in, each one has a date that it gets to be opened). I want one of those, please.

Omg brackets.